“If you can read, you can cook.”  

Nate Solberg

Back in the day, while moving from my college dorm into stylish off-campus housing, I wondered about cooking for myself.  About that time my mom passed along those words of advice.  Short and sweet, but they still ring true.  I’d add that you need to experiment with different ideas and techniques on a regular basis, to find out what you really enjoy.  You also need to give yourself permission to fail every now and then.  I’ve made some spectacular disasters in my time, and usually in front of a crowd.  Good lesson: in the beginning you might want to test a recipe before you cook for your entire extended family.  Through it all I’ve learned and experienced so much, and I’m happy that I can share these experiences with you.

 Food is vital, of course, but in these United States we have the luxury of being concerned about more than subsistence.   For us, food is about love, and sharing and communal experience.  It’s about making your kids feel better with a bowl of steaming soup on a rainy day, and sharing a laugh with friends over a family-style bowl of pasta and garlicky bread.  It’s about being thankful with family as you carve that roasted bird.

I love food, but more than that I love the experience of food.   I hope you’ll join me in this experience, and maybe we can share a laugh and trade a few recipes as well.

 “If you can read, you can cook.”   Read up, and then let’s cook!

– Nate

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