Mark West Pinot Noir 2007


Wine:  Mark West Pinot Noir 2007

Price: $9.99

Region: Sonoma, California

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

Purchased: Surdyk’s Wine & Liquor, Minneapolis, MN

I’m not sure where the recommendation originated for this wine, but it’s been our go-to pinot noir for a very long time.  This particular wine had a very light red color, almost reminiscent of a rose.  I’m sure that’s an side effect from the many bottles of very deep red carmenere and cabernets we’ve been drinking lately.  It took me a moment to remember that this was indeed more normal for this type of wine, and then my expectations were reset.  The nose was very fresh, plum with a hint of citrus, and this carried over to the taste as well.  The mouthfeel was very light and bright, but it was not unsubstantial.  The finish was smooth, but not lengthy by any means.  When we serve a dish heavy with mushrooms we generally think of pinot noir, and the Mark West has never failed us.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is complex in its flavor, but it very ably complemented a meal of Rosemary Grilled Chicken with Mushroom sauce.  We’ve always been able to trust the Mark West brand as an inexpensive, easy to drink red , and as such we have several more bottles waiting in our cellar for savory meals such as this.


3 Responses to Mark West Pinot Noir 2007

  1. Sister2U says:

    I’m sorry, but forget the wine for a moment. I have to comment on the STEMLESS glass I see in this photo (placed on your lovely new countertops with fancy tile backsplash :)). I remember your lovely wife throwing a comment out when I was contemplating purchasing the Riedel “O” series that “a glass without a stem just doesn’t feel like a wine glass to me” or something close to that and she sold me on buying stemware once again. When did you buy stemless?

    Venting over, I will definitely be checking around for this wine down south. I’m still heavily into Zins, but am finding my second choice (since many restaurants still haven’t caught on the wonder of zins) is Pinot Noir over Cabs. And I like this price point! Thanks for the review!

  2. Nate says:

    We’ve had the stemless glasses for quite some time. I brought them home and Cath wasn’t enthused about them, but after you use them for a while they grow on you. Now they get thrown into the mix on a regular basis, because they’re nice for a “casual” wine experience. They’re not Riedel quality, but they certainly work. I did get her a set of Riedel whites and Riedel reds, and they’ve got a real nice feel to them.

    Sounds like the restaurant wine selection isn’t quite as democratic in Phoenix as it is in the Twin Cities. You may need to come back for a visit, as we can find Zinfandel and most anything else on our wine lists. (I’m sure you can do the same in Scottsdale, if you can afford to dine there…)

  3. Brett says:

    I once drank a whole bottle of that along with dipping pretzels and cranberry mustard.. it was a perfect synergy of wine and food.

    And I see Peggy’s comment, and was wondering the same thing. I doubt I could bring myself to buy stemless wine glasses because I can’t stand the thought of fingerprints on the glass while I’m drinking. But at the same time, I would consider picking up some simple ‘italian table glasses’ that aren’t much different.

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