Samuel Adams Boston Lager


Mmm, my favorite beer of all!  I love the rich, balanced flavor of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, and Cath knew that when she did her Christmas shopping.  Jim Koch, founder of Boston Brewing Company set out to design a glass to maximize the enjoyment of his beer, and a set of four of these glasses was Cath’s gift to me this year.  I have to be honest, it really does seem to make a difference in the flavor of the beer.

I won’t be earning any commissions from this post, but here are the features of these glasses as noted by the Boston Brewing Company:

  • The bead inside the rim creates turbulence to release flavor and aroma as beer enters the mouth.
  • Narrowing the glass at the top retains the hop aroma and sustains the head.
  • The rounded shape collects aromas.
  • The laser etching on bottom creates bubbles for constant aroma release.
  • The outward lip delivers beer to the front of the tongue where the sweetness (malt) is tasted.
  • Thinner walls and rounded shape maintain proper beer temperature longer.

To quote Jim Koch, Brewer and founder of Samuel Adams:

“It’s been a personal passion of mine to develop a beer glass that elevates the craft beer drinking experience.  We wanted to create a glass that offers beer lovers a full sensory drinking experience by fully showcasing Samuel Adams Boston Lager’s complex balance of malt and hop flavors.  This glass achieves that mission.”

As I said earlier, I’m a fan.  And now I’m a believer.  If you’re interested in a great tasting experience, give them a try!


5 Responses to Samuel Adams Boston Lager

  1. joefriday says:

    After you described your new glasses, I’ve noticed them in all the Sam Adams commercials. They look really cool! I might have to invest in a set, even tho they won’t fit in with my other pint glasses.

  2. Nate says:

    I swear, it might be the power of suggestion at work, but they really do seem to enhance the Sam Adams experience. Or, it could just be that I’ve always been this suave and sophisticated with a beer glass in my hand. If you need to try before buying you can always stop over at my place and I’ll pour a round. Maybe wait for the spring thaw and we can do that after a trip to the Rush River.

  3. joefriday says:

    yes.. I remember how sauve and sophisticated you were in Kellys.. especially the night you chipped my teeth pouring beer into my mouth from a pitcher

    I’ll be there for the spring thaw.. you gotta remember to bring some Fat Tire for me

  4. Sister2U says:

    I knew you were my favorite bro-in-law for a reason. =) Sam Adams Boston Lager is my favorite beer of all time too! I don’t need those fancy glasses of yours to let me know it’s a winner, but they do look a little funky and fun! Cheers to Sams!

  5. Nate says:


    Mmmm, stop over and try the glasses anyway. I really think they help. Plus, they’re just so darned cool!

    And I’m damn close to being your only brother-in-law…!


    On my last trip to the liquor store here in Burnsville they had cases of Fat Tire stacked and on sale. I would have purchased on or two, but I don’t think you want your beer aged. It’ll be here whenever you wish to drive up with your fishing gear.

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