Blackstone Merlot 2006


Wine:  Blackstone Merlot 2006

Price: $6.99

Region: Woodbridge, California

Grape Variety: Merlot

Purchased: Surdyk’s Wine & Liquor, Minneapolis, MN

We had no previous experience with this particular wine, but I’d seen it mentioned in a variety of publications as one that was affordable and well-enjoyed.  It certainly delivers on both counts!  As with many merlots we’ve tasted, this was had a deep, ruby coloring which was brilliant when swirled in the glass.  The nose contained bright berries and a hint of vanilla, but it really didn’t hint at the combinations of flavor we found.  At first taste I recognized a bit of leather and some very firm tannins.  After a bit, black cherry and vanilla became more recognizable, although a low level of bitterness was there throughout the entire experience.  It wasn’t at all unpleasant, it was just another layer to the flavor.  The finish continued for some time, with the leather a just a bit of tar seeming to predominate.  We enjoyed this bottle with a Pork Roast with Whiskey Sauce, and it was when we combined the wine with the tender fats and proteins of the meat that the flavor really began to soften and shine.  It was a great combination, and we found that we both enjoyed the experience.

We found this wine at the fall wine sale at Surdyks in Minneapolis, at a very reasonable cost of $6.99 per bottle.  In our minds it’s very much a “with food” wine, but that’s no hardship at all.  It was a delicious experience, and we’ll gladly do it again.


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