How Much Do You Pay for Wine?

It’s an interesting question, and one that I think says a lot about you.  Are you a wine snob who wouldn’t look at a bottle under $35 a bottle?  Or maybe you can’t see the value in paying more than $10.  I’ll let you create your own nickname there.

I like the thought of buying the big dollar wine, but I really can’t afford to do it very often.  We’ve made up some creative savings plans to put together funds for big-splurge bottles, and it was fun but it was also a little hit or miss.  On one occasion we spent $90 for a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino, and that was a glass of heaven!  We didn’t quite know what to expect, but the flavors were so vivid, the finish so smooth and long.  That was incredible.  On another day we spent $95 for a bottle of Barolo (apparently we like Italian wine), and I can’t say that I was all that impressed.  It was okay, but for $95 I shouldn’t have to say it was okay.

On the lower end of the price scale, we often enjoy a $7 bottle of Rosemount Estates or Jacobs Creek Shiraz.  They’re delicious and well-made, and we consider them go-to wines which we’ll always have on hand.  Of course, we’ve tried a number of other wines in that price range which have been flat or rough or otherwise unimpressive.  Apparently, the price of the wine isn’t always a good predictor of the quality of the wine inside.

My favorite game is to comb through the wine ratings you find in Wine Spectator magazine.  Have you ever scrolled down their lists of ratings and noticed that in the lists you’ll find, for example, 10 wines with a ranking of 90, nine of them costing $50 a bottle and one with a cost of $22?  That’s the wine I write on my list and go searching for at the local wine shop.  Oftentimes they don’t have it on hand, but sometimes they do.  That’s the sweet spot between quality and cost that I’m searching for, and it’s a game I can definitely enjoy!


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